What is Brainspotting?

attunement in brainspotting brain healing david grand expansion Jul 16, 2023

Brainspotting is performed by a licensed professional & assists to hone in on a brainspot that is correlated to an emotional, calm, or expansion area. Through the process, you are guided to unwind, release, & expand. Upon completion, your brain relays new synaptic connections & opens up to new alignment.

Discovered by Dr. David Grand, this powerful, personal, & focused method assists to identify, process, & release core neurophysiological sources of emotional/body pain, trauma, & blocks that may be hindering a person’s daily function. The method also allows to bring in calm, enhance intuition, & expand the synaptic brain connections. With Brainspotting, it is possible to emerge into new states of being.

Brainspotting utilizes the visual system to find relevant eye positions which are seen as access points to locate the necessary information to be released or focused upon. Based on the idea that “where you look affects how you feel,” Brainspotting can release unconscious beliefs about yourself that may be holding you back.

During a typical Brainspotting session, the client chooses a topic to work on. Topics can include a current circumstance, a body sensation or pain, emotional release, to enhance performance, Spiritual connection, or improve state of being. In order to access this, the clinician assists the client to locate the Brainspot.

Following this, the client is able to process this spot in order to release what is no longer necessary & allow for increased understanding & healing. There is also an option to utilize Biolateral Music to further assist the healing.

Important aspects of Brainspotting sessions are Relational & Neurobiological Attunement. Within a session, the clinician witnesses your journey, allowing for you to deeply process what is necessary to heal & expand.

As a clinician & client are in relational attunement, they are sharing neurobiology. This allows for the client to “share” the clinician’s self-regulation, intuition, & other important healing aspects. Within neurobiological attunement, the clinician observes the client’s neurobiology to, including any reflexes to assess the client’s brain processing. The Brain knows what to do & how to heal. During the Brainspotting experience, it is important to recognize that the subcortical may not have words for what you are experiencing. This is why we remain “curious” & per Dr. Grand’s quote, we “follow the tail of the comet.” Through the process, we allow the brain to go where it needs to go & to trust what the brain needs to do.

Following a Brainspotting session, the brain will continue Healing & re-routing neural pathways. Clients may feel cloudy, sleepy, or euphoric after a session. Through this, the brain is healing, releasing, & creating new synaptic connections. Following the initial healing, ultimately, the brain shifts to allow more Clarity, increased logic & wisdom, perceptual shifts, & Expanded thinking.

The Brain is miraculous & houses millions of synaptic connections. There are more synaptic connections in our Brain than there are galaxies. Because there are so many synaptic connections, we can re-route & bypass maladaptive neural pathways effectively.

It has been an incredible journey to witness healing & expansion through Brainspotting. This amazing healing modality has shifted & aligned myself & my clients. I would love to witness your healing & expansion.

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